We understand the challenges most small companies face. They may not have the facilities or the expertise to move large volumes of product and keep up with the required billing and processing.
This is why we developed VendorBridge. Our online solution automates business processes for suppliers who can receive information from large corporate sales and marketing organization and effectively manage a range of basic business functions. Some of the industries we support include healthcare, telecommunications, distribution, automotive and finance, just to name a few.
With VendorBridge, you will be able to:
Maintain Warehouse/Product Data detailing the locations and contacts for your warehouses, information about the products you carry (i.e. product code, description, location, unit of shipment, weight of shipment, and any pre-determined handling fees).
Print Orders Orders are formatted according to special sales and marketing campaigns.
Track Shipments You may look up and track orders with various lookup options.
Track Returns Once returns have been keyed in to VendorBridge, reports can be run detailing the information entered.
Print Billing Reports Generate billing reports in summary or detail level, depending on your needs.
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