Most Common Client Obstacles & Needs:
Many companies do not have the capability to handle multiple shipping document formats. They often lack order integration abilities within their existing shipping system. These smaller companies operate with limited resources and do not want to make a large out-of-pocket investment for EDI software that will enable them to communicate their inventory on a regular basis with their clients.

Results & Success Stories:
Tri-Star integrated VendorBridge into their daily operation and now has the capability to forward their inventory electronically to their clients. They now have the ability to access and process orders from multiple locations as VendorBridge's technology is accessible from any of the company’s computers. The cost of using this cutting edge software is directly related to the actual sales volume that Tri-Star generates, thereby making the cost of using the VendorBridge system a direct variable to the company’s actual sales.
Harry London Chocolates needed to simplify their high volume shipping requirements. By incorporating VendorBridge’s technology into their current system, they are now able to print large volume orders with their clients branding and logos. All of their client’s shipping confirmation information can now be loaded into their computer system electronically.
Stahl’s Hotronix incorporated VendorBridge’s technology and can now load all of the shipping information into their system and access it from remote locations. The company’s primary product is personalized jerseys and one order often contains multiple messages. Managing the ordering process was often complex and problematic. VendorBridge’s unique technology has simplified their system as orders are now handled electronically.