What kind of software will be required to interface with VendorBridge?
Since VendorBridge is internet based, you are not required to purchase any software, upgrades or licenses to interface with VendorBridge. You only need to sign a simple service agreement and have an Internet connection using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.5 or higher.
What kind of hardware will be required?
All that is needed is a desktop computer running Microsoft Windows 98 or higher and a laser printer capable of handling a large volume of printing. For the shipping process you may require a shipping system from UPS, FedEx, or perhaps a custom system. VendorBridge is already set up to interface with FedEx and UPS as well as several other types of popular systems.
How do my orders get invoiced?

VendorBridge is designed to electronically and automatically transmit confirmations of shipment back to the associated buyer in whatever required form necessary. After this information is received, payment is issued automatically.

How and when will I get invoiced for the use of VendorBridge?
At the end of every month you will receive a summary invoice from Mercury Commerce, Inc. for use of the VendorBridge services.
What types of reports does VendorBridge?
VendorBridge currently has more than 20 reports available, ranging from supplier aging reports to shipping activity to billing. These reports will give you all the information you will need to keep track of billing, what is shipped, what hasn't shipped, cancelled and returned orders. Mostly all of the reports allow you to extract information by the buying organization and date so you can obtain the exact information you need.
How long does it take to set up VendorBridge?
Although VendorBridge is a detailed and fully integrated system, we can have you up and running within several days. Once you have signed up for our service you will be given a test account and will be able to download a step-by–step manual to learn how to use the VendorBridge system.
What type of shipping systems does my company need to connect to VendorBridge?
Since we made VendorBridge to be as easy and seamless as possible, it will integrate with all the most recognized shipping systems being used today. UPS WorldShip, UPS Online, FedEx and USPS. If you use another type of shipping system, we have generic formats that may be used.
Does VendorBridge have the capability to ship from multiple warehouses?
As long as you have a P.C. and an Internet connection you can ship or track from any warehouse or office location. Printing as well as shipping can be isolated by shipping origin.
How soon do orders get submitted to VendorBridge?
From the moment you go live with VendorBridge you will begin to receive orders immediately after the retailer makes them available.
Is it possible to develop a customized reporting system that does not correspond to the existing VendorBridge protocol?
While it is possible to receive customized reports, Mercury Commerce, Inc. reserves the right to create additional reports depending on the needs of Its customers. We are flexible in this area and we are responsive to requests.

Email: support@mercury-commerce.com