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  Drop Ship Orders
  Drop Ship Support for Cabelas.
  Store/DC support & UUC lables for : Neiman Marcus, Dillards, Bed Bath and Beyond, LL Bean, and all Macy’s divisions.
  UPS returns label support for Drop ship, automatically integrated.
  Accounting/Inventory Integration with Quickbooks with VendorBridge®.
  Shopify Integration
  Online Storefront Integration with VendorBridge. Integration with Shopify Store front orders.
  VendorBridge® dashboard now makes it even easier to keep up to date with order status.
  CRM Functions
  Expanded order notes and new user tasks add to the CRM functionality of VendorBridge®.
  VendorBridge® multi-ship manifests make it easy to consolidate orders for reduced shipping expenses.
  Vendor catalog functions are available to all VendorBirdge® customers.
  Store door / DC orders
  Mercury Commerce has many new features for vendors who rely on drop ship partners and/or third party warehouses to fulfill orders. Contact or call 212-307-7001 for more information.
  The VendorBridge® upgrade is complete. All features of VendorBridge® have been updated with many ease of use enhancements. The are also many new features within every area of the service to make VendorBridge®, the premier web order management/processing service, even better.
  UPS integrated labels are now available for VendorBridge®. Printing UPS labels directly on the packing slip/invoice reduces errors and increases efficiency when preparing orders for shipment.
  Ecommerce website integration
  New ecommerce websites available with integration directly in to VendorBridge®. Mercury Commerce, Inc. now offers a complete solution that allows vendors to create world class web stores that integrate with most payment gateways and offers the most extensive set of features that are easy to implement. Email or call 212-307-7001 for more information.
  Direct interface for Harvey Software's Computerized Parcel System (CPS) allows customers to ship using UPS, FedEx and USPS in a single package.