"The short time frame now required to process orders made our holiday crunch time deliveries easy to process."
– Ari Magulies, David’s Cookies 
"We have a very short window to ship our client’s product and VendorBridge’s technology has made the process quick and easy."
– Mike DeJoy, Advantage
"We are now able to manage multiple clients from more than one location. The VendorBridge technology is a breeze to use."
– Doug Goldstein, Tri-Star Productions
"There was a minimal out-of-pocket investment to incorporate VendorBridge’s technology into our company’s shipping and delivery system. Handling complex order processing is so simple now due to this extremely easy and efficient system."
– Bill Landman, Stahl’s Hotronix
"We are often faced with a huge demand for quick order processing (large orders and a short delivery window). Using VendorBridge made this process clean, easy and efficient and has enabled us to meet our challenging delivery deadlines."
– Ron Heinlein, Harry London

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